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Adam Stauffer | 03/31/15

Your dentist can design professional, beautiful smiles in just a few visits by using cosmetic dentistry techniques.

Cynthia Dickstein | 03/29/15

Some people are so afraid of a root canal that they'd rather have a tooth polled instead.

Bob Foy | 03/27/15

Avoid diets high in fat or high in protein. A good dentist will be willing to make any changes necessary for you to have the best experience possible in their chair.

Barbara Glutting | 03/27/15

Going to the dentist for regular checkups can help prevent the need for a root canal.

Deb Thumith | 03/27/15

If your upper and lower jaw is not closing properly, you may end up with TMJ issues. The neglect of oral hygiene may have some side effects.

Bruce Whitelaw | 03/27/15

Oral surgeons will do bone grafting much like a surgeon would do anywhere else in your body.

Gisela Hofer | 03/26/15

There are many possible reasons for a change in your smile, including the loss of a tooth.

Georgiana Barnwell | 03/26/15

Depending on the degradation and deterioration of the jaw is what will help the dentist decide whether the implant is the best and most effective. When you arrive at the office for treatment, the nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen is used to maintain a calmer state, while the IV sedation starts.

Charles Zier | 03/26/15

A common problem many parents have is getting their child to brush their teeth at night.

Brian Wills | 03/24/15

You need your teeth for eating, speaking and even something as simple as smiling.

Diane Wagner | 03/24/15

The dental technician can make the veneer exactly to the designed specifications.

Douglas Kutchera | 03/22/15

With this method, the dentist will prescribe a pill or liquid to be taken orally, usually one hour before the procedure.

Bethany Revels | 03/21/15

Not taking proper care of your teeth while pregnant can escalate many different dental health problems.

Ginny Wood | 03/19/15

Some dental procedures include the removal of discolored or unsightly portions of the tooth.

Bill Murdock | 03/19/15

Sometimes there may be a slight discomfort at the beginning of the treatment.

Brenda Ellis | 03/19/15

If you are at home and start to feel a strong craving for dessert after you have eaten, you should try brushing your teeth.

Dorothy Saltzman | 03/19/15

All currently available methods to change and improve the appearance of a smile, veneers are among the most popular and successful in many patients. You need to learn as much about gingivitis and gum disease prevention as you can.

Debi Byrnes | 03/19/15

If you do not have plaque removed regularly, it can lead to increased bleeding of the gums.

Delores Allen | 03/18/15

Do yourself a favor and examine the books, diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation or yoga. People need to get very close in order to see invisible braces.

Garnett Gray | 03/16/15

The second restriction is to avoid too much brushing. If teeth whitening trays do not fit well in your mouth, there is a good chance that they are going to cause you problems with your gums.

Charles Lonsdale | 03/15/15

If you have a family history of good dental health, you may be lucky enough to continue that tradition.

Donna Salgado | 03/13/15

Veneers look so realistic that most people will never know you have had a procedure done. A dental implant is a permanent artificial tooth that is put in instead of a removable bridge.

Debbie Martin | 03/12/15

Sleeping during a dental procedure is a good idea if you are afraid of the dentist.

Audrey Durbin | 03/11/15

After the pulp of the tooth was removed, the tooth can be very dry and brittle.

Copper Link | 03/11/15

There are some medicines which provide temporary relief of tooth pain, but it is important to start as soon as symptoms appear.

Eric Radzwill | 03/09/15

Flossing regularly will also help cure chronic bad breath as it will loosen and eliminate any food lodged between your teeth.

Anne Subotich | 03/08/15

The implant is inserted at the beginning of the jaw with the metal frame placed in the gum. Storing dentures in water will help keep them from drying out and causing you pain.

Daniel Beckler | 03/08/15

These procedures use a combination of a bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide and blue light technology.

Angela Bingaman | 03/06/15

Getting regular teeth cleanings at your dentist is a good way to have a sparkling smile. When using ceramic porcelain on the surface of your teeth, your dental professional can provide you with a bright, straight, and natural looking smile.

Adam Dayton | 03/04/15

Saliva contains oxygen molecules, which are required to make the oral cavity aerobic.

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