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Christy Hoffman | 01/28/15

Most of the time, TMD can be treated with physical therapy and medication.

Barbara Orcutt | 01/27/15

Dental implants are an excellent choice for dental changes.

Bethany Revels | 01/25/15

Invisible braces are a great way for adults, teens and children to straighten their teeth. If you have a root canal, the root of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected so it can be sealed to prevent any bacteria from getting in.

Brenda Field | 01/24/15

Other lifestyle and environmental factors may also increase the risk of oral cancer.

Allen Shupe | 01/23/15

Dental implants may be necessary instead of a crown or cap if the tooth is too far gone and needs to be pulled. The positive attitude of the surgery, as well as adequate food and fluids after surgery, of course, reduce the period of depression.

Debbie Winzelberg | 01/21/15

A professional can help in the procedures for early detection, diagnosis and possible solutions.

Bridget Boudreaux | 01/21/15

Depending on the degradation and deterioration of the jaw is what will help the dentist decide whether the implant is the best and most effective. You are at a higher risk for gingivitis while pregnant, and many insurers will pay for more frequent visits to the dentist during this time.

Dianna Hafner | 01/19/15

The plan for a brighter smile may also include tooth whitening.

Chris Tessari | 01/17/15

If you do not consume a lot of coffee or tea, and you don't smoke or drink large amounts of wine, you may only have to touch up the whiteness as little as once a year.

Bob Foy | 01/16/15

The last step is to cement the crown into your mouth, leaving you with a beautifully restored smile.

Barbara Graham | 01/14/15

Composite resin bonding is used to restore chipped or broken teeth and fill large spaces in between teeth.

Douglas Rasmussen | 01/14/15

These models can help in planning treatment, and create diagnostic wax results.

Bridget Ginty | 01/12/15

You will minimize the time that the pigments have to set in the teeth and cause the stained look if you use a straw to drink colored liquids.

Fred Summers | 01/10/15

Avoid teeth whitening if you are pregnant or nursing.

Adam Lyles | 01/09/15

They may have memories of unpleasant dental experience from childhood.

Debra Samu | 01/08/15

If you have continual toothaches, you may have a lack of specific nutrients in your body.

Erin Halliday | 01/07/15

Baking soda is an effective alternative to costly preparations or toothpastes to clean your teeth.

Brandy Richards | 01/07/15

The fresh feeling of the minty toothpaste will dissuade you from introducing new flavors anytime soon after you have brushed, further curbing your caloric intake.

Grady Shaw | 01/06/15

Sedation dentistry is a safe way to reduce fatigue for the patient if they are sitting through an extended dental treatment. You can find plastic tooth picks and plaque removers anywhere toothpaste is sold.

Daryl Scott | 01/06/15

Mix about two table spoons of baking soda to one table spoon of water to form a paste, and then brush your teeth with this paste. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you.

Angela Console | 01/05/15

All currently available methods to change and improve the appearance of a smile, veneers are among the most popular and successful in many patients. Simply put, dentures are a set of replacement teeth for those you have missing.

Cathy Seymour | 01/04/15

Now several more studies have shown that the presence of these plaques that have been observed on the full jaw Xrays of patients have been consistent with follow up diagnostic tests. With veneers, a white colored tooth covering is placed on top of the discolored teeth, giving them a sparkly appearance.

Ernest Wendt | 01/03/15

You need to take care of the bacteria around your teeth so it doesn't cause gingivitis.

Christy Key | 01/03/15

You may be surprised to know that dental emergencies are more common than you think.

Carol Whitcomb | 01/01/15

TMJ symptoms can become debilitating and interfere with your everyday life if you don't take care of them. If you are experiencing dry mouth or burning in your gums, let your dentist know you are experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Adam Dayton | 12/30/14

As the bone dissolves around the teeth, the teeth are loosened and fall out. These bacteria can injure tissues through the direct secretion of toxins.

Denise Harden | 12/28/14

Regular professional dental cleanings help reduce plaque buildup that leads to tooth decay.

Adam Stauffer | 12/26/14

Some people really hate the gaps in their teeth but never do anything about them.

Craig Andrew | 12/26/14

Doing your best to have whiter teeth is very important.

Frances Williams | 12/26/14

An endodontist is responsible for helping keep the gum and bone healthy.

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