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Charles Nobs | 06/29/15

When using any type of teeth whitening agent, make sure you use it sparingly.

Craig Triplett | 06/28/15

A dental implant is a surgical opening made by your dentist and is placed in the jaw.

Daniel Jacobson | 06/27/15

If there is more pain and fear, you can talk to your dentist about simple sedation, so do not worry.

Claudette Taylor | 06/26/15

Oral surgeons and orthodontists study the gums and learn how to diagnose, treat, and prevent gum diseases.

Bridget Tipton | 06/24/15

The short answer to this question depends on the current health of bones where the implant will be inserted.

Amy Kish | 06/23/15

Some temporary relief is possible if you can clear your sinuses with steam pointed at the face.

Charles Brinkley | 06/22/15

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that has to do with jaw misalignment and crooked teeth.

Delton Stanley | 06/20/15

You can find dentists all over the country who will give you a sedative to help relax you before appointments.

C Bushway | 06/20/15

Brush and floss after every meal.

Chuck Whitt | 06/20/15

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis can help get rid of plaque that causes gum disease.

Denise Fortin | 06/18/15

It is possible to whiten your teeth but it is much easier to avoid having the problem in the first place.

Carol Whitcomb | 06/17/15

Porcelain veneers are a simple solution to several dental problems.

Brandy Hubbard | 06/17/15

You can get immediate dentures inserted at the dentist office right after he pulls your teeth.

Beatriz Cadiz | 06/16/15

You wouldn't think that diabetes could be diagnosed by the problems you have in your mouth.

Elliott Mandy | 06/15/15

Interview the dentist before allowing him to do any type of surgery in your mouth.

Debra Towler | 06/14/15

Fluoride is rapidly absorbed in tooth enamel, especially in the teeth of growing children.

Chris Vanooteghem | 06/13/15

Clean your dentures with cool or warm water with a sink full of water.

Bob Foy | 06/13/15

The dentist may vary the tooth preparation in the material used to fill the tooth.

Ashley Bradley | 06/12/15

Dental health is not a one time affair, but an on going life time process and commitment for both the patient and their choice of dental professionals.

Alison Gilmore | 06/11/15

Dentists can use laser treatments to lengthen crowns, shape oral bones and cure infected gums and teeth.

Art Pastor | 06/10/15

The last step is to cement the crown into your mouth, leaving you with a beautifully restored smile.

Edilma Mejia | 06/08/15

Even adults can wear braces to straighten their teeth.

Beverly Newman | 06/08/15

The dental hygienist will polish the plaque right off your teeth for you. Keeping your natural teeth as long as possible is very important, so eat well and enjoy all the functions of chewing.

Andrea Vonstriver | 06/08/15

Implants are the basis for many modern repair and restoration in dentistry today. What is great about cosmetic dental veneers is that they come in a variety of materials such as acrylic, resin, or porcelain.

Dennis Lyle | 06/06/15

The over the counter teeth whitening products can make your teeth more brittle, which makes it harder to keep cavities away.

Daniel Beck | 06/04/15

Your smile will be much brighter and straighter after a professional whitening treatment at the dentist, which should make you happy.

Dorothy Gieren | 06/04/15

Slide the floss up and down several times against the surfaces of two teeth, do so gently and under the gumline.

Ali Mitchell | 06/02/15

Knowing that you have brushed and flossed every day will make your next dental appointment a breeze. Call for a dental appointment if you feel you are having problems with your teeth or you have bleeding gums.

Danwanttie Sanasie | 06/02/15

If you get anxious before you go to the dentist, ask him about being sedated during any procedures.

Charlotte Hess | 06/01/15

False teeth are prosthetic replacements that are ordered for those who have lost all of their natural teeth.

Carrie Costello | 05/30/15

Orthodontics can only say for sure whether someone is a good candidate for invisible braces.

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